Brooklyn Alleyway

The Brooklyn Alleyway was a 10-day project. The goal was to improve my skills in photo-realism to match the standards of AAA development. I wanted to make something in a small place that demonstrates realistic props. The models were done in Maya and high poly sculpts were done in Zbrush. It was textured in Substance painter. I used the new marmoset toolbag for the renders.

My idea was to show a graffiti artist given permission to paint a wall by the owner. The wall is in terrible condition, the owner did a poor job of grounding the wall weeks before, and the wall is not completely dry. I started my art career as a graffiti writer when I was a kid, I remember these being some of the most annoying issues when putting up a piece. I wanted to set the piece in an area where I grew up, though I did not just use my memories to build this. The one thing I've learned about working with photo-realism is the amount of research is needed to get a dumpster or wall to look photo-realistic. I've learned so much from putting this piece together.

I created the graffiti piece myself. honestly, I believe it needs some work when it comes to graffiti art, but I am RUSTY.

Special thanks to all the people who provided me with feedback. All the fellow artists who took the time to give me advice, I really appreciate you.